Olive Hiscock

A nerdy girl with a pen, a notepad and a dirty, dirty mind! Purveyor of smutty sexy stories of hot alpha men and more hot guys.

#1 Offensive Lineup 200 x 300#2 Stopping all stations 200 x 300Fitness - powerful muscular man lifting weightsPlaying Defense Cover 200 x 300Extra Tuition 200 x 300#6 Worth the risk 200 x 300College Days_2000#1 Ranch Party 200 x 300

College Days:

#1 Offensive Lineup

Six footballers. One shower. Who will drop the soap?

Meet Jamie Walters. He’s a hot 19 year old college footballer and he’s gay. But he still hasn’t had his cherry popped. His fantasy? Get a taste of Jude. In front of the other players. Heck, his real fantasy is to have the whole football team. Now that’d be losin’ his cherry in style.

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#2 Stopping all Stations

What could be hotter than two sexy footballers, a few voyeurs, a coupla straight guys experimenting and one super hot transit cop? The subway will never be the same again after Jude and Jamie rock those carriages.

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#3 Lifting Iron

A day at the gym like no other. Seven men, one kinky workout session.

Now that Jamie’s secret is out, he’s free to ogle his teammates as they pump iron, training for the next big game. But Jude, Jamie’s new man, has a better idea, setting up a workout that’s sure to get the team’s hearts racing and blood pumping; a workout that Jamie will never forget. After all, why limit yourself to looking when being part of the action is so much more satisfying?

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#4 Playing Defense

Jock extraordinaire, Mitch Lewis, is seriously lusting after his roommate. His big, black, bookish roommate, Benji Lewis. Oh, and his Professor too. When their restraint snaps, Mitch and Benji give a new meaning to ‘if the truck’s a rockin’ don’t come a-knockin’.’

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#5 Extra Tuition

Fifteen minutes late to class and Mitch Everett has to face his hard as nails Professor. Called back to Professor Cantrell’s office to explain, the footballer gets a lesson that’s never been more instructive. And with all the extra tuition, he’s sure to get an ‘A.’

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#6 Worth the Risk

If two’s company, three is a party. Five… well, that’s a fantasy come to life.

Professor Cantrell has a problem. His two hot as hell students, Mitch Everett and Benji Lewis, have him distracted. After agreeing to a secret rendezvous with Mitch, imagine the Professor’s surprise when Benji and the others joins in.

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College Days #1-6

Get all the College Days books in one piece of hotness for a great price

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Randall Ranch:

#1 Ranch Party

Jackson’s first week at Randall Ranch has seen him really putting the hand in ranch hand. The cause? The four other hands. Four sweat slicked bodies. Four sets of tanned chests and backs always on display. Four pairs of bulging biceps and thick thighs. Four mouth-watering asses… Now that it’s Friday, Jackson plans to drink and find a hot cowboy to let loose with. Beer and card games with the boys was not what he had in mind. But poker takes on a new meaning at the ranch when Jackson gets a welcome he’s not likely to forget.

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