An eye for an eye—her identity, their lives.

Vengeance will be sweet. And I will have it. My mother’s and brother’s killers will suffer.

Ryder, my brother’s best friend, is by my side. He’s ready to help exact retribution.

Together we will destroy the earth to find the culprits.

But I want more. I want Ryder.

I want us. All of us.

I’m not the only one either. My guys want Ryder as much as I do. My professorhole, my bosshole, and my cinnamon bun are all secretly in love with him too.

If only convincing Ryder to try out this unconventional relationship was easy. He’s a loner, the alpha, and his walls are iron clad.

But I am Queen, and I want him as one of my kings.

I won’t let anything stand in my way.

Billionaire Boss Girl is a contemporary why choose/polyamorous series. There is no need for the leading lady (or her men) to choose in order to find their HEA.

Alphahole is the FINAL book in this slow-build, high-heat new adult romantic suspense series and should be read after Professorhole and Bosshole.

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