He’s my boss. I’m his biggest challenge.

I’m a hacker. He’s a police detective. Controlling me was never an option—I’m not the good girl he thinks I am. But working for the police has its advantages. It distracts them while I reap the rewards from my skills and live the billionaire lifestyle—yachts, planes, shoes, and men.

Until my bosshole arrests me.

But gathering evidence to exonerate my late mother was worth the risk.

My bosshole has a lot to answer for, especially the kiss that rocked my world.

Now, I can’t get them out of my head—my bosshole, my professorhole, and my best friend. I crave them, desperate to be consumed by the fire they ignite in me. I yearn to watch them together.

They’re all my fantasies come to life.

It will happen too.

If I can prove my innocence.

If I can stop my best friends from being jailed.

I am Queen. I will prevail.

Billionaire Boss Girl is a contemporary why choose/polyamorous series. There is no need for the leading lady (or her men) to choose in order to find their HEA.

Bosshole is book TWO of THREE in this slow build, high heat new adult romantic suspense series.

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