My brother’s best friend, Liam Masters—pro-footballer and temptation personified.

He’s so off limits.

I’ve wanted him for years, but he still sees me as a kid.

Staying away is impossible. I can’t get him out of my head, or my house. He’s everywhere.

The spark Kingston ignites is a surprise. He’s educating me on how to get over Liam. The hot teacher is quiet, caring, and an old soul. He takes me to heaven with his touch.

Doing Liam a favour, I introduce them so Kingston can be his tutor. But Liam’s learning more than the maths Kingston is teaching. He’s discovering a side of himself with my man, and now he wants Kingston too.

I tried to walk away from Liam and wanted Kingston to myself. Can the third time be the charm? Or am I destined to watch both men I love score together, leaving me on the sidelines once again?

Third Time’s A Charm is a bi-awakening, opposites-attract MMF romance with NO cheating.

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