Two straight guys snowed-in on a mountain. A game of twenty questions. What could go wrong?

Getting trapped on a mountain, snowed-in for a three-day blizzard, wasn’t exactly planned. But at least my guide is good company.

There’s a connection between us. A bond.

We have undeniable chemistry.

But we both consider ourselves straight.

That’s where our similarities end though. In almost every other way, we’re opposites—I’m a pro-snowboarder, he’s a paramedic. I’m the relationship guy. He’s a player. He wants casual, no strings.

I… don’t.

He’s not good for me, but I can’t seem to stay away.

Whiteout is book one in Ann Grech’s international hit male/male romance series, Snowed In. White Noise and Whitewash continue Reef and Ford’s story.

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