Announcing Sweet as Puck, a tale of a curvy girl who’s never been kissed and two swoon-worthy men who fall first.

Sweet as Puck is a brand new, never before released standalone story, set within my Gold Coast universe cast of characters. If you’ve never read any of my books before, Sweet as Puck is a great place to start. If you have, then you’ll LOVE this MMF romance.

My stories are known for being character driven with gut-punching emotions, swoony men, and steamy scenes. Sweet as Puck is no exception. You’ll smile, gasp and growl just in the first chapter!


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A writer at heart, I have always loved books. I adore getting lost in the adventures of a mystery novel or sitting with bated breath as action unfolded on the page. Then I discovered romance and LGBTQI romance. The rest is history.

What’s in a snowflake? It’s a single ice crystal that has formed around a particle of dust or another imperfection. Complex shapes emerge and each one is unique and exquisite in it’s own way. They are never completely symmetrical either, but these imperfections enable something of incredible beauty to grow.

My books are a little like that too. My characters, although flawed, come together to create something that is uniquely them, something that’s their version of perfection. They’re beautiful and complex, just like the modern world they live in and their love is always true.


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