Get your fix of short smutty, sexy stories of hot alpha men, and more hot guys with Olive Hiscock

#1 Offensive Lineup 200 x 300#2 Stopping all stations 200 x 300Fitness - powerful muscular man lifting weightsPlaying Defense Cover 200 x 300Extra Tuition 200 x 300#6 Worth the risk 200 x 300College Days_2000#1 Ranch Party 200 x 300

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  1. I’ve bought in march Whiteout in iBooks store for Europe. I read it and loved it.
    So I just bought White Noise again in the iBooks store and it doesn’t work well. It reads backwards. I have to read the pages from right to left (the end is the beginning). Very strange experience!! Can this be fixed with an update?

    1. Hi Catharina,
      hmmm, not sure why that’s happened – very strange. Let me speak with my formatter and I’ll come back to you. It shouldn’t have done that.
      Ann xx

  2. OMG wow just wanted to say I loved your white out series love love love it please when us book 3 coming can not wait thank you for taking me away into a new world and out of my own troubles

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